All STRIDES tutors are specially trained in Potentials™ methodology. All tutors contribute to our work with children, but we feature here the staff members at the heart of STRIDES.

Dr. E. Gail Everett

Dr. E. Gail Everett has been an educator of special needs children for over 30 years, working at Miracle Hill Children’s Home, Oolenoy Christian School, McAlister Group Homes, The Reading Clinic, and now STRIDES. In addition, she homeschooled her own children for 18 years, one of whom has disabilities. In 1992, she received an M.Ed. in special education from Bob Jones University. She then left as director of The Reading Clinic to obtain a Ph.D. in special education from the University of Virginia. Upon returning, Dr. Everett began training special education teachers at Bob Jones University. In 2005, she was chosen by the Board of Directors to lead STRIDES as Director. She now serves as Program Director, overseeing program quality, instructor training and teaching students (her favorite!)

STRIDES trains it own instructors in Potentials™ methodology. Each new instructor must complete multiple hours of training in Potentials™ with Dr. Everett prior to becoming STRIDES certified. Additionally, each instructor must pass our background and personal reference standards prior to being employed by STRIDES. As a Christian non-profit organization, we also require all our instructors to have pastoral references and be able to be in agreement with and sign our Statement of Faith as developed by our founding Board of Directors.