“Melanie and I are overjoyed for the continuing progress Jacob is making with his reading, in spite of his challenges. Equally important is the ‘light’ in his eyes when he talks about being able to read. Only six months ago there was a look of dull resignation.
Another ‘plus’ is that he never complains about going to work on his reading with Mrs. Arney or Dr. Everett … we believe he, like other children, can sense when someone really cares.”

Lewis S., Jacob’s dad

“I am an 8th grader. I attend Restoring the Minds charter school. The tutoring program at STRIDES is a great experience. I really enjoy working with Dr. Everett and Heather. When I started I was on a low level, and now I brought it up a lot. At first I did not like to read. Now when my teacher asks who wants to read a paragraph, I’ll be the first one to raise my hand. I enjoy the one on one tutoring they have. It is a good atmosphere to be in.”

De’Andre, Student

“It has been a wonderful experience, having my daughter in the STRIDES tutoring program. She has learned many new exciting things that will help her in the future. She has been here nearly 3 months and has improved more than I ever thought. I find it a blessing to have my daughter a part of the program, and I would like to thank this program for giving me, us, this privilege. Other tutors wanted a lot of money for little results. STRIDES however has changed our situation for the better.”

Lollita, Parent

“I am the grandmother of seven, all of whom I am active in their lives. Four of my grandchildren were enrolled in STRIDES under the direction of Dr. Gail Everett and her accomplished staff … Dr. Everett did very thorough evaluations and wrote up each plan. Everyone involved was amazed at the progress they made, and the confidence it gave to the children … I thank God for the program and the fact that they are willing to work with me on the sliding fee scale.”

Brenda, Grandmother

“My name is Dante. I was a student at STRIDES. Being in that program got me out of special ed classes. And into regular classes. Heather helped me with counting money and math. I thank Dr. Everett for her guide to success. Thank you Ms. Everett and all your staff to help me this past summer. Thank you sincerely.”

Dante, Student